State Flowers

Vermont State Flower

Image of Vermont State Flower: Red CloverRed clover – Trifolium pratense was designated as the official Vermont state flower on February 1, 1895. Red clover flower plant is a wild growing perennial in meadows throughout Europe and Asia. Red clover is also known as Pavine Clover or Cowgrass.


Red clover is not a native of the Americas but was naturalised from northern Europe. The red clover flowers at the end of the branched stems are considered to be the source of its medicinal properties and are usually dried for therapeutic use.

Red clover flower is small and 15-60 cm. in height. The Red clover flower is a dome-shaped flower cluster. The Red clover flowers are arranged at the terminal shoot. The flower heads are nested in 2-3 leaves. Each red clover flower head is between 1/2 -1 inch wide. Red clover flower has pink to red flower head, made up of many 100-125 or more small typical legume flowers.

Facts About Red clover

  • Red clover flower plants are Perennial herbs, and sometimes biennial.
  • Red Clover flower plant can grow upto 20 inches tall.
  • Red clover is a legume that is a rich source of isoflavones.
  • Red clover plant stems are erect or ascending.
  • Red clover plant leaves are in the form of basal rosette with long-petioles.
  • Red clover plant leaves are edible and nutritious.
  • Red clover plant stems are strong, upright woody stems, high in fiber.
  • Red clover plant lives for only 1-3 years.
  • The leaflets of the Red clover has a light green, V-shaped smudge in the center.
  • Root system in the Red clover flowering plant is well developed tap root which is drought resistant.
  • Red clover flowering plant parts are said to retard progress of cancerous tumours before ulceration has taken place.
  • Red clover flower is also used in skin problems, like psoriasis and upper respiratory tract problems.
  • Red Clover seed germinate quickly in moist soil.

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Facts About Vermont State

Image of Vermont State FlagCapital City of Vermont state is Montpelier. Vermont state attained its statehood on March 4, 1791. Vermont’s official state flag was adopted in 1923.

  • Vermont state’s nickname is Green Mountain State.
  • Vermont state is located between 44.266N, 72.571W of the U.S.
  • The total land area of vermont state is 9615 sq.mi.
  • Bordering states of Vermont state are Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York.
  • Vermont has long winters and short summers.
  • Vermont state’s economy is Agriculture: Dairy products, cattle, hay, apples, maple products; Industry: Electronic equipment, fabricated metal products, printing and publishing, paper products, tourism.
  • Points of Interest in Vermont state are: Ski Areas, including Stowe, Killington, Mt. Snow, Bromley, Jay Peak, and Sugarbush; Green Mountain National Forest and the Long Trail; Marble Exhibit in Proctor.
  • Major Industries seen in vermont are: Dairy Farming, Machine and Machine Tool Manufacturing, Tourism.
  • Historical Sites to be seen in vermont are: Bennington Battle Monument, the Calvin Coolidge Homestead at Plymouth.