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Tennessee State Flower

Image of Tennessee State Flower: Iris germanicaIris germanica or Iris is the state flower of Tennessee state of the U.S. Iris is a large flower with purple or white flowers, native to central and southern Europe. Iris flowers are brilliant spring flowers, and the best-known and loved garden plants.


Common names of the Iris germanica are Rhizomatous iris, Bearded iris, German iris, Iris kochii. There are 3 groups of Irises. They are dwarfs, intermediate, and tall. The tall bearded iris are the most popular in home gardens and landscapes. Iris kochii are the Irises of northern Italy having deep blue-purple flowers; similar to but smaller than Iris germanica or German iris.

Broadly speaking, all Iris plants have long stems and six-lobed flowers. Flowers have 3 petals sagging downwards (actually large sepals in the same colour as the flower), and three standing upright. Inflorescence in Iris plant is Terminal with axillary sessile flowers. Flowers subtended by a reduced foliaceous bract. Iris flowers are 3 inches wide and bearded.

Iris flowers look like orchid-like flowers. There are seen 9-12 buds growing on short side branches on each stem. Each flower lasts about three days. Iris flowers have petals and sepals. Three upright petals are called standards, and Three sepals hand drooping downwards and are known as falls. These standards and falls may be of same or different color. Popular iris flowers colors are lavendar, blue, white, purple, rose-red, yellow, pink, brown or various combinations. The beard is the fuzzy, fringed appendage above the falls.

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Facts About Iris

  • Iris flower plant is an hardy herbaceous perennial.
  • Iris plant stems are erect with auxillary sessile flowers.
  • Iris plant stems are aerial stems longer than the leaves, glabrous, glaucous, erect, herbaceous, simple, from somewhat flattened rhizomes.
  • Summer is the flowering season of the Iris flowers.
  • Iris plant leaves are – Basal and cauline. Basal leaves are broad, glabrous, glaucous, acute, entire, with a thin scarious margin. Cauline, folded around the stem.
  • Irises are famous for their beautiful blooms and their fragrance.
  • The seeds of Iris flowers are numerous and pale-brown.
  • The astringent rhizome of Iris has diuretic, purgative and emetic properties.

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Facts About Tennessee

Image of Tennessee State FlagThe capital city of Tennessee state is Nashville. Tennessee state was admitted into statehood on June 1, 1796. The official state flag of Tennessee was adopted on April 17, 1905.

  • Nickname of the Tennessee state is Volunteer State.
  • Tennessee state is located between 36.171N, 086.784W of the U.S.
  • Total land area of Tennessee is 42146 sq.mi.
  • Tennessee’s climate is temperate, beneficial for people and agriculture, with abundant rainfall.
  • Border States of Tennessee state are: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia.
  • Tennessee’s state economy depends upon Agriculture: Soybeans, cotton, tobacco, livestock and livestock products, dairy products, cattle, hogs; Industry: Chemicals, transportation equipment, rubber, plastics.
  • Historical Sites in Tennessee state are The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site at Greenville.
  • Points of Interest in Tennessee state are: American Museum of Atomic Energy at Oak Ridge, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, The Hermitage, and Rock City Gardens near Chattanooga.
  • There are Twenty-three state parks, covering some 132,000 acres as well as parts of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Cherokee National Forest, and Cumberland Gap National Historical Park are in Tennessee.
  • Major Industries seen in Tennessee are mining (coal), electrical power, enriched uranium production, music, automobile manufacturing, farming (tobacco, cattle, soybeans, cotton), walking horses, tourism.
  • Some of the famous universities in Tennessee state are: Tennessee State University, Tennessee Technological University, Tennessee Temple University, Tennessee Wesleyan College.