District of Columbia State Flower

Image of District of Columbia State Flower: RoseThe American Beauty rose – Rosa ‘American Beauty’ is the state flower of the District of Columbia. American Beauty rose was once a very popular flower, but now it is not cultivated for commercial value.

Rosa American Beauty

The American beauty rose blooms are full, cupped, large, with 50 petals. American beauty roses are seen in different colors, usually pink to red colors. American beauty roses are very beautiful, fragrant, with thick and colored petals encircling the bud. The bud open up giving it a gorgeous look.

Facts About American Beauty rose

  • The American beauty rose plant grows to a height of 12-15 feet.
  • American Beauty rose is the hybrid perpetual, which is famous for its crimson blooms.
  • American Beauty rose leaves are dull green.
  • American Beauty rose flowers are quite fragrant.
  • American Beauty rose flowers bloom from Late Spring/Early Summer.
  • American Beauty rose are Vigorous, greenhouse, susceptible to Blackspot, Powdery Mildew, Rust.
  • American Beauty rose are susceptible to Mildew.

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Facts About District of Columbia

Image of District of Columbia State Flag District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) is the capital city of the USA. The city is called simply D.C. and the state is called Washington State. The flag of Washington, D.C., was adopted in 1938.

  • District of Columbia joined the Union on February 21, 1871.(as a municipal corporation)
  • District of Columbia is so named in honor of Christopher Columbus.
  • District of Columbia is located between 38.90N, 77.05W of the United States.
  • District of Columbia has a temperate type of climate.
  • Bordering States of Washington D.C. are Virginia and Maryland.
  • Total land area of District of Columbia is 68.25 square miles.
  • Historical Sites and Points of Interest in District of Columbia are the Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials; the Smithsonian Institution (including the National Gallery of Art and the National Air and Space Museum; and the National Archives.
  • Nickname of District of Columbia is D.C.