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Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

Since ancient times, people have attributed secret and hidden meanings to flowers. They used the language of flowers when they lacked words to express their feelings and emotions. It is believed that the language of flowers originated in the East, a place shrouded in a mysterious veil. Oriental women, unable to convey their moods through words or facial expressions, expressed them with flowers. 'Flower' associations became the first symbols,
thanks to which a new way of communication emerged.''

In Eastern traditions, not only the type of flower or its color is important, but even when the giver presents the bouquet, how he holds it, whether he has removed the thorns from the roses.

In Europe, the "flower" language spread through the influence of Charles XVII in the 18th century. Dictionaries of the language of flowers were actively printed, which told the secrets of choosing a suitable flower and composing bouquets.

Secret meanings were formed based on associations with the hue of flowers. For example, red is the color of blood, and scarlet and burgundy roses symbolize fiery love. Pink is the color of tenderness and good naivety, so pink flowers are usually presented to young girls.

What Meaning Does Each Flower Have?

The most significant events in our lives include flowers. They play a prominent role in our life events, including birthdays, funerals, graduations, weddings, etc. There are also religious significance for some flowers.

Nobody could be entirely ignorant of the symbolism of flowers. Everyone knows that sending yellow roses to someone in mourning is inappropriate and that a red rose signifies romantic love. However, other flowers besides roses also have significance attached to them.

When giving flowers, most people don't think about the significance of the flowers. Similarly, recipients of flowers can not understand their significance and fail to understand the underlying message. Which flower represents each country's national flower? Learn more about flower meanings and discover the meaning of your favorite flower.

Flower Image Flower Name and Meaning
AlstroemeriaFlower Meaning

Alstroemeria – Depending on the color, the alstroemeria bloom can signify various things. But the lovely flowers always have a connection to a similar meaning of love, friendship, tenacity, and dedication.

They're frequently interpreted as standing for mutual support. And the capacity to support one another through life's difficulties. There is an alstroemeria flower color for every event, whether it is to express romantic love or friendship.

  • White: Denotes purity, strength, love, and support. And because of these features, it forms a stunning wedding flower!
  • Yellow: Vibrant and entertaining, yellow alstroemeria symbolize joy and vitality. They are ideal when you want to tell a buddy how joyful they make you feel!
  • Pink alstroemeria flowers are said to evoke feelings of passion and fun. When friendships develop into love, it's the ideal flower to offer.
  • Red: The alstroemeria flower color symbolizes ardor.flower is symbolic of wealth, prosperity and fortune. It is also the flower of friendship.
Amaryllis Flower Meaning Amaryllis – As you may anticipate, the amaryllis blossoms now stand as a powerful representation of adoration, beauty, and tenacity. It can also stand for success and hope. These magnificent flowers, which tower over all other winter blooms, are thought to represent pride, strength, and tenacity. Greek-derived Amaryllis means "to glitter" as well.
Anemone Flower Meaning Anemone is explicitly calm and is a reminder to appreciate the moment to seize opportunities when they present themselves because of its wild character.
Anthurium Flower Meaning Anthurium is a universal symbol of hospitality. Anywhere, including the business and the home, exotic beauty thrives. The flower's vibrant colors make a space more cheerful and require minimal maintenance or watering.
Aster Flower Meaning Aster – Although the aster flower has many symbolic connotations, in general, the flower is most often associated with love, understanding, and faith. The aster has come to stand for daintiness, endurance, and charm in Victorian society.

The most traditional variety of this bloom is red amaryllis. It stands for passion, attraction, and love. As a result, it is ideal as a gift for a romantic companion. However, remember that it can also represent luck in some cultures, such as China while serving as a simple sign of beauty in others.

Birds of Paradise Flower Meaning Bird of Paradise – The bird of paradise is the ideal romantic gift because it stands for loyalty, love, and caring. The bird of paradise grows wild in Hawaii and plays a vital role in the local culture. The name, which translates to "Little Globe" in Hawaiian, stands for majesty.
Bouvardia Double Flower Meaning Bouvardia has a distinguished past. It bears the name of Charles Bouvard, who served as Louis XIII's physician and oversaw the Jardin du Roi in Paris. Bouvardia is frequently used as a cut flower in celebration bouquets because it represents zeal.

Calla lily – Ancient Greek culture gave the flower significance as the embodiment of beauty, where one early meaning of the calla lily comes from. The commonplace use of calla lily flowers in weddings combines both of these meanings. The inner spike of the white petal signifies the bride's expectation of future fertility and her desire to have children, while the white petal depicts the bride's purity.

Carnation Flower Meaning Carnation – The carnation flower represents love, enchantment, and distinction, so it's no surprise that it's popular today and the greatest substitute for rose bouquets. White carnations stood for unadulterated affection, akin to a mother's love. The official flower for Mother's Day, according to Anna Jarvis, the holiday's creator, is a white carnation. Red carnations are a representation of passion and class! The difference between distinction and passion is that distinction refers to someone who stands out from the crowd and grabs everyone's attention.
Chrysanthemum, Standard Flower Meaning Chrysanthemum symbolizes friendship and also happiness. Since they are among the most well-known fall blooms, they are frequently associated with the coming of autumn.
Daffodil Flower Meaning Daffodil represents new life and beginnings. One of the first flowers to emerge towards the end of winter, it heralds the arrival of spring and the passing of the gloomy, chilly days. Less frequently, daffodils can also represent life, inventiveness, enthusiasm, and resilience..
daisy Daisy – In Norse mythology, the daisy is considered the sacred flower for the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. As a result, daisies represent new beginnings, motherhood, and childbirth..
Delphinium, Hybrid Flower Meaning The hybrid delphinium stands for generosity, joy, fun, and pleasure. It also suggests a strong
Freesia Flower Meaning Freesia – the botanist who found the freesia gave it his name. The flower was given the name Dr. Freese by botanist Christian P. Ecklon as a tribute to his friend. The flower now mainly symbolizes friendship and trust because of this as well.
gardenia Gardenia – The gardenia is a flower that represents compassion and purity. This connotation, however, frequently changes depending on the hue of the gardenia. The white gardenia is a good illustration of this. The gardenia also represents joy and unspoken love between two people.
gerbera Gerbera – For various civilizations, the gerbera flower has distinct connotations. The Celts thought they eased the sorrows and strains of daily life, whilst the Egyptians thought they symbolized a closeness to nature and reverence for the sun. Gerberas represent youth, innocence, purity, joy, and faithful love.
Gladiolus Flower Meaning Gladiolus typically means moral righteousness, faithfulness, morality, and memory. Gladioli are
the customary flower for the 40th wedding anniversaries and the August birth flower!
Heather Heather Lavender represents protection and the fulfillment of wishes, while lavender heather stands for admiration, seclusion, and beauty.
Hyacinth Flower Meaning Hyacinth in white symbolize universal loveliness or prayers for a special someone. Purple hyacinths can be given as a token of repentance or as a request for pardon.
Hydrangea Flower Meaning Hydrangea – A Japanese legend states that the hydrangea was given to the family of the girl the Japanese emperor loved as restitution for ignoring her in favor of business and to demonstrate how much he cared for her. As a result, the hydrangea represented heartfelt emotion, gratitude for understanding, and apology.
Iris Flower Meaning Iris symbolizes admiration, courage, hope, faith, and wisdom. A bouquet of blue iris blossoms conveys a message of hope and faith, while a purple iris conveys knowledge and compliments.
Larkspur Flower Meaning Larkspur flowers are typically associated with romantic feelings and represent an open heart. The following list of petal color meanings is more detailed: Pink larkspur blossoms symbolize changeability. White blooms are symbolic of an upbeat disposition. Purple is a symbol of first love and sweetness.
Lilac Flower Meaning Lilac – Even though the species represents regeneration and confidence, each shade of lilac has its meaning. Purple lilacs stand for spirituality, while white lilacs symbolize innocence and purity. Blooms that lean more toward the blue side of the color wheel stand for joy and peace.
Lily, Oriental Flower Meaning Lily – Purity and fecundity are the most distinct meanings. Lily symbolizes new life and rebirth. In religious imagery, the flowers frequently symbolize the Virgin Mary and are also frequently portrayed at Christ's Resurrection. They stand for purity, innocence, and rebirth.
Flower Image Flower Name and Meaning
Orchid, Dendrobium Flower Meaning Orchid – Thoughtfulness, elegance, fecundity, beauty, charm, and love are all attributes associated with orchids, making them the ideal bloom to commemorate all of life's special occasions. The orchid is unique, with various hues to pick from.
Peony Flower Meaning Peony symbolizes best wishes and joy. It typically indicates love, honor, happiness, wealth, romance, and beauty.
Protea, King Flower Meaning Protea, King is a symbol of transformation. It represents boldness and resourcefulness. It stands for bravery and variety.
Queen Anne's Lace Flower Meaning Queen Anne’s Lace represents security, sanctuary, and refuge. Even while the flower's likeness to a bird's nest when it sets seed lends itself to another interpretation, it becomes the ideal
representation of the haven of a contented household.
Ranunculus Flower Meaning In addition to their beauty outside, Ranunculus flowers are prized for their symbolic
connotations. Ranunculus represents charm and appeal in floriography. Give someone a
bouquet of Ranunculus blossoms the next time you want to express how "dazzled by their bright
appeal" you are!
Rose Flower Meaning Rose – The red rose represents beauty, bravery, romance, purity, and love. The crimson rosebud is a symbol of beauty and purity. Yellow roses stand for excitement, friendship, and fresh starts.
Snapdragon Flower Meaning Snapdragon is a representation of strength and grace. Deception and arrogance are only a couple of their bad implications.
Statice Flower Meaning In the language of flowers, statice denotes recall due to its appearance, which is described as
hazy and seafoam. Statice symbolizes remembrance.
Stock Flower Meaning Stock flowers have connotations that include lasting beauty, a joyful life, and a contented
existence because of their long-lasting blossoms and spicy, clove-like aroma.
Sunflower Flower Meaning Sunflower – Because of the tale of Clytie and Apollo, sunflowers stand for devotion and admiration. Because of its affinity to the sun and reputation as cheery flowers, sunflowers are the perfect choice for a summer flower delivery to make someone's day.
Sweet Pea Flower Meaning The sweet pea symbolizes happy satisfaction. Its upright, clumping flower clusters also stand for
wishes, friendship, goodwill, and farewells.
Tulip Flower Meaning Tulip have been associated with love since they are a traditional flower cherished by people for years. They are the perfect gift to offer your partner, kids, parents, siblings, or anybody you have solid and unwavering affection for.


Flowers make thoughtful presents for everyone, including your boyfriend, friends, family, and
workplace. Therefore, giving a bouquet of roses as a present to express your passion, love, or
affection is always a good choice. However, all blooms have varied meanings, like different rose
hues. Therefore, it's crucial to understand each flower's meaning so you can choose the
appropriate one.