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Flowers as Medicine

Everyone gives or receives a bouquet of flowers in a spirit of joyous devotion, thanksgiving, forgiveness all of is healing of the spirit. For most, the presence of flowers such as roses, peonies, chrysanthemums, lilies, irises and calendulas for instance represents an aesthetic uplifting of spirit. Just as a casual walk along a wayside path to one who has no knowledge of the healing properties of weeds means nothing in terms of the recognition of their healing virtues to either the ground upon which they spring nor for any ill that may befall the traveler, so also a bouquet of flowers may simply remain as an object of pure aesthetic delight to the beholder.
Imagine instead of simply placing such a bouquet in a vase of water until its treasure wilts a dies, we envision another purpose such as using organic red rose petals as a tea with honey for someone experiencing sadness or depression, violet flower and honey tea for one who feels tense and irritated or has a cough or sore throat, calendula flower tea for a woman experiencing premenstrual discomfort or a tea of fresh or dried marigold flowers to treat symptoms of a colds, coughs or diarrhea, branches of flower decked honeysuckle vines taken as a tea for influenza, arthritis or rheumatic complaints. Could this be yet another of the profound gifts to ease our sometimes troubled path from the Great Spirit's natural bounty? Throughout Central and South America native people have an ancient healing custom that imparts a whole new dimension to the meaning of a bouquet of flowers. Imagine, if you will, picking or even purchasing a special bouquet of flowers whose assortment represents not only aesthetic beauty but a variety of physical healing benefits as well. Instead of presenting these to your loved one merely to be exhibited in a vase of water, offer them as a personally administered flower bath given with special words of praise, blessing and prayers...Learn more about the flowers used as medicine.

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