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Utah State Flower

Image of Utah State Flower: Sego Lily

The Sego Lily - Calochortus gunnisonii or Calochortus nuttalli, also known as Mariposa lily, is adopted as the state flower of Utah of the U.S in 1911. Sego lilies are grown as an ornamental plants.


Calochortus, is a genus of 65 species including the Sego and Mariposa lilies. The Sego flowering plants grow in dry areas, in open pine forests and on hillsides between 5000 - 8000 feet in altitude. The sego plant gives out tulip-like flowers. Each sego flower has 3 petals ranging from white to lavender having a yellow base. The three light green sepals are lance shaped, sharp pointed and about 2/3 as long as the petals. The blooming period of Sego Lily is between May - July.

Facts About Sego lily

  • The Sego lily grows upto 6-8 inches in height.
  • The Sego lily looks like tulips, and their blooms are seen in many colors.
  • The Sego lily is the single grass like blade in blue green in color.
  • The three-sectioned sego lily seed pods taste similar, either raw or cooked, to young peas.
  • The sego lily leaves grow to 4 inches in length and are green, narrow and curved up at the edges.
  • The Sego lily flowering plant has a single grasslike, blue-green leaf.
  • Sego lily grows from an underground edible bulb.

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Facts About Utah state

Image of Utah State FlagThe Capital City of Utah state is Salt Lake City. Utah state attained its statehood in 1896. Utah state flag was adopted in 1913.

  • Utah state nickname is Beehive State.
  • Utah state is located between 40.777N, 111.929W of the U.S.
  • Total land area of Utah state is 84904 sq.mi.
  • Utah state is bordered by Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming.
  • Utah state's economy depends upon Agriculture: Cattle, dairy products, hay, turkeys; Industry: Machinery, aerospace, mining, food processing, electric equipment, tourism.
  • There are number of places in Utah state to be visited like, National Parks such as Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion.
  • National Monuments such as Dinosaur, Natural Bridges, Rainbow Bridge and Monument Valley are seen in Salt Lake City.
  • Utah was the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics.
  • Utah state is refered as a desert state, and a second driest state in the U.S.
  • Rainbow Bridge, Nature's abstract sculpture carved of solid sandstone, is the world's largest natural-rock span, standing at 278 feet wide and 309 feet high.
  • Utah state is well known for its computer software companies such as Novell and Word Perfect.
  • Utah has the highest literacy rate in the nation.
  • The Great Salt Lake covers 2,100 square miles, with an average depth of 13 feet, with 75 miles width, and covering more than a million acres.
  • Annual precipitation varies from 5-60 inches of rainfall.

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