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Facts About Pennsylvania

pennsylvania flagThe Capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg. Pennsylvania gained statehood on December 12, 1787. The Pennsylvania State Flag became the official state flag in 1799, a banner fringed in gold with the Coat of Arms embroidered on a field of blue.

  • Geographically Pennsylvania is positioned between New England, the Appalachians, and the Great Lakes.
  • Pennsylvania is situated between Longitude: 74-43′ West to 80-31′ West, Latitude: 39 43′ North to 42 North.
  • Pennsylvania is bordered by New York, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. Pennsylvania meets Ohio and an arm of West Virginia on the West.
  • Pennsylvania means Penn’s woodland, named after William Penn.
  • The total area of Pennsylvania is 46,058 square miles. [Pennsylvania is the 33rd biggest state in the USA]
  • Major Industries of Pennsylvania are steel, farming (corn, oats, soybeans, mushrooms), mining (iron, portland cement, lime, stone), electronics equipment, cars, pharmaceuticals.
  • The state’s nickname is Keystone State.
  • Pennsylvania is well known for its quality wood products such as furniture, sheds, gazebos and play sets.
  • Pennsylvania covers 46,058 square miles, making it the 33rd largest of the 50 US states.
  • Independence National Historical Park is the most popular, Valley Forge National Historical Park, Gettysburg National Military Park, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area are the popular tourist spots.
  • Dinosaur Fossils Found in Pennsylvania include – Atreipus (fossilized footprints)
  • The Pennsylvania State University, Portland State University, Princeton University, Purdue University Main Campus are some of the famous Universities.
  • The University of Pennsylvania is America’s first university.